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Ogden Bay North Run Wetlands

In partnership with The State of Utah Department of Natural Resources -  Ogden Bay Waterfowl Management Area, Equinox Engineering* worked to provide design and construction management services for this project.  Equinox also provided permitting services which required a full wetland delineation report.  This project restored and/or enhanced wetlands that have been disconnected from the historic Weber River floodplain due to flood control diversions projects and high near bank levees.  This project utilizes irrigation tail water and Weber River overflow to provide and create critical flyway habitat for water fowl wintering and nesting.  Dredged material previously placed on the bank immediately adjacent to the river was removed and a set back berm was created approximately 150 feet away from the channel to allow for the floodplain to be reconnected to the river. 

*WMBS is a division of Equinox Engineering.


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WMBS is a division of Equinox Engineering 

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