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Business Model

How can you profit through conservation by partnering with us?


Interested in both protecting nature and earning money by investing your land? 
Consider partnering with WBMS

You as a business partner only need to control and provide access to viable land with adequate water rights. WMBS will then provides all other necessary expertise and funding to plan, design, construct, and manage the mitigation bank through completion to the sale of credits and realization of profits.

Click through the steps below for an overview of the process of how you can partner with WMBS.

Step 1: Landowner & WMBS Partnership

WMBS is looking for landowners who own or control land with adequate water rights. The land must also have potential for wetland development.

When partnering with WMBS, all land that is associated with the newly created mitigation bank must remain as a developed wetland in perpetuity. You as the Landowner will always retain deed and title to the land and will maintain rights of access and reasonable use.

Upon entering a cooperative agreement, all additional steps in the wetland mitigation banking process are handled by WMBS with minimal effort on your part, up until the time credits are sold and profits are realized.

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Contact us about the potential of earning profits by investing your land

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WMBS is a division of Equinox Engineering 

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