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Wetland Mitigation Banking Specialists

Partnering with Land Owners
to Help Restore Nature
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What do we do?

Wetland Mitigation Banking Specialists focuses on the identification, development, and preservation of Wetlands.

WMBS partners with Land Owners who maintain adequate water rights, in developing 'Wetland Mitigation Banks'. All associated costs, other than the land, are sponsored by WMBS.

Once a wetland mitigation bank has been established, credits are sold publicly to any entity needing mitigation credits. This is to facilitate a "No Net Loss" of wetlands, in accordance with Section 404 of the 'Clean Water Act' (see the link below 'What are Mitigation Banks?'). These earnings are distributed to both WMBS and the Landowner, which can result in a very profitable venture for all parties involved.

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The people behind Wetland Mitigation Banking Specialists:

W. Chris Christiansen
Principle Engineer

Founder and CEO of Equinox Engineering, the parent company of WMBS. Chris has over 25 years of environmental engineering and consulting experience working with Ducks Unlimited, The United States Department of Agriculture - National Resources Conservation Services, the Nature Conservancy, and Bonneville Power. Chris brings an extensive knowledge and experience of environmental, hydraulic and civil engineering practices including geomorphology, hydrology, channel restoration, wetland creation, enhancement, and restoration design

C David Brown Picture.png

C. David Brown
Wetland Biologist

Since graduating from Utah State University with a rangeland ecology degree he has over 20 years experience as a wetland biologist with experience managing multiple large-scale wetland complexes. He is a flora and fauna expert and brings an intuitive understanding of the natural habitats and ecosystems present in varied wetland biomes. His expertise is critical in understanding, developing, cultivating, and maintaining a thriving wetland environment.

Justin Miner Picture.png

Justin Miner
Wetland Scientist Permitting Specialist

Justin has over 18 years experience as a Professional Scientist, Environmental Planner and GIS Analyst permitting projects for oil & gas, energy, mining and transportation industries. Extensive experience wetland delineations and ecology, GIS analysis and permitting development projects as part of NEPA, the Clean Water Act, the Natural Gas Act, the Endangered Species Act and compensatory mitigation planning.

Kyle Fultz Picture.png

Kyle Fultz
Construction Manager

Kyle has over 20 years experience in the construction industry with experience in excavation, rock and earth structures, water features, irrigation infrastructure and wetland construction. Kyle is an experienced heavy equipment operator and has a solid understanding of construction processes, management and operations that has been acquired from experience and CEO of a successful construction company.

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Over the phone or online


Post Office Box 612 West Jordan UT


Contact us about the potential of earning profits by investing your land

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WMBS is a division of Equinox Engineering 

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